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Ideal for ultrasonic micro metal joining/bonding experiments for microelectronics applications

Ultrasonic Micro Bonding Unit SWB-105/SWB-150 is ideal for ultrasonic micro joining experiments using various minute metal materials for microelectronics applications.
The bonding head assembly is also applicable to be integrated into various type of material handling system for medium to high volume production.

The standard System is composed of height adjustable bonding head, rack and pinion driven manual X-Y table with individual locks in X and Y direction, work stage with mechanical clamp, ultrasonic controller, bonding force and time controller, and microscope joint as a minimum necessary but essential composition for ultrasonic bonding experiment.
It performs ultrasonic bonding of aluminum and copper material such as round wire or ribbon wire on various metal surface.

In order to secure consistent bonding, our originally developed bonding force controller with force feedback control can let the user simply adjust the bonding head level so that the tool can always be perpendicular to bond material surface when it contacts to the material. Thus consistent intermetallic joining can be obtained.

al-cu-bonding bonding-applis
Bonding of thickness 200um Al, and 100um Cu ribbon wire on Al plate. click image to enlarge

icon Specifications
Ultrasonic generator PLL Self tuning 62.5KHz(2.5KHz)
Max Ultrasonic power 5W 50W
Bond time range 0 - 1sec / 0 - 100msec selectable
Bonding force range 30 - 300g 100 - 1500g
Applicable wire diameter 20 -150um (Au, Al, Max. 100um for Cu) 100 - 500um (Al, Max.300um for Cu)
Bondable materials Al, Au, Ni, Cu wire or ribbon (depending on material and thickness of thin metal surface on substrates)
Bonding head vertical adjustable range 50mm
No. of channel Two channel selectable for Ultrasonic and time setting
Power requirement 100 - 240VAC 50/60 Hz, Max 2A
Dimension W310 x D450 x H550mm for main unit
System weight approx. 35kg

icon Standard Features
Stereo Zoom microscope
Custom work stage
Bonding tools