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Metal stencil base solder ball placement unit with micro alignment function

Precision Reballing unit SMU-50 is suitable for prototyping and reballing of ball grid allay components such as BGA and CSP.
The system has unique micro alignment function which enable user to simply and accurately align the position of metal stencil in X-Y-theta and also control the gap between the surface of component and stencil for flux printing and ball placement. This is to minimize the failure of ball placement such as misalignment or lack of solder spheres on the ball pads. The stencils are available in many standard patterns and simply replaceable from stencil holder.

icon The standard system includes the following items.
1) Reballing main unit.
2) Metal stencil holder for flux printing
3) Metal stencil holder for ball positioning
4) 1 set of metal stencil and component nest
5) Spatula for flux squeezing
6) Ball leveler
7) Ball insert ring

03bga 01balls
Reballing BGA with 0.3mm dia. solder spheres Trial placement of 0.1mm dia solder spheres on stainless

icon Capability/Function
Ball diameter Larger than 0.2mm diameter
Component size 5 - 50 mm sq. Max. t = 3.0mm
Alignment range X axis: 3mm, Y axis: 3mm, Z axis: 5mm, theta: 5 degree,
Utility Single phase, 220V, 10W for vacuum pump
(pressure requirement: Max. 24kpa)
Dimensions 185(W) x 265(D) x 220(H)mm
Utility Approx. 6kg
Weight 750(W) x 540(D) x 385(H)mm

icon Option Items
Vacuum pump
Microscope and holding stand with LED lighting.