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Micro Rework Station SMR-402 is a manual rework station specially designed for rework of surface mount micro chip components such as chip register and chip capacitor. The chip component size of 0402mm(01005inch) or above can be handled by operating clamp type pick and place unit. The system enables you to simply and accurately set the pick and place position by viewing CCD camera image.
During reflow process with halogen heat beam, the pick and place unit remain clamping the component to secure the position and prevent tombstone effect, as well as to minimize heat stress to the adjacent components.
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icon Standard Features
  • Compact table top design.
  • Pick and place unit with unique clamp mechanism (Patent pending).
  • Halogen spot heater for target chip component.
  • Lockable X-Y handles for accurate component alignment.
  • Ceramic bottom heater for preheating of PC board.
  • Solder paste printing fixture for component leads.
  • Touch panel for heater temperature and time setting.
  • Built-in duct and fun for flux fume exhaust.
part_clamper spot_heater
Chip component clamper for Pick and place Halogen heater for chip component reflow

icon Capability/Function
Max. board size 220mm x 300mm
X-Y table movable range 220 x 270mm
Head/Table operation Large manual handle operation with fine adjustment
Chip clamper operation Up/down Lever, Open/close knob
Max. profile number Max. 10 program
Heating step (zone) setting 5 steps
Temperature sensor External x 1, Internal x 1
CCD Camera unit Color CCD (Approx. 40 times by 15inch monitor)
Utility requirement 100-240VAC, 300VA, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions, weight W658mm x D729mm x H446mmx, Approx. 48kg.

icon Options
Chip Clampers, Metal stencils for solder paste printing.