Rework Station for micro chip components Model SMR-402 Back to Product List

icon Standard Features
  • Compact table top design.
  • Pick and place unit with unique clamp mechanism (Patent pending).
  • Halogen spot heater for target chip component.
  • Lockable X-Y handles for accurate component alignment.
  • Ceramic bottom heater for preheating of PC board.
  • Solder paste printing fixture for component leads.
  • Touch panel for heater temperature and time setting.
  • Built-in duct and fun for flux fume exhaust.
part_clamper spot_heater
Chip component clamper for Pick and place Halogen heater for chip component reflow

icon Capability/Function
Max. board size 220mm x 300mm
X-Y table movable range 220 x 270mm
Head/Table operation Large manual handle operation with fine adjustment
Chip clamper operation Up/down Lever, Open/close knob
Max. profile number Max. 10 program
Heating step (zone) setting 5 steps
Temperature sensor External x 1, Internal x 1
CCD Camera unit Color CCD (Approx. 40 times by 15inch monitor)
Utility requirement 100-240VAC, 300VA, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions, weight W658mm x D729mm x H446mmx, Approx. 48kg.

icon Options
Chip Clampers, Metal stencils for solder paste printing.