Large Wire Bonder SHB-150H

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Compact table-top large wire bonder SHB-150H is ideal for laboratory, prototyping and small scale production of power modules and devices with large diameter aluminum wire, copper wire and flat ribbon wire.


The servo motor driven Y and Z axes enable single or multiple bonds to be executed. Digital controlled ultrasonic generator and unique bond force control can secure consistent wire bonding.
The system apply touch screen for all parameters setting and buttons on front panel that expedite the bonding operation.
Independent electromagnetic lockable work-stage in X and Y axis can let operator simply position the bonding point with 4:1 manipulation lever.

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icon Standard Features

  • Automatic ultrasonic power adjustment during bonding
  • Real-time frequency, impedance, power and phase measurement
  • Motorized Y and Z bond head for uniform wire loop control
  • High accuracy bond force control
  • Loop Profile Programmable
  • Wire cutting depth controllable with motorized Z-axis wire cut unit
  • Color touch panel operation system
  • Electromagnetic lockable work-stage
  • Stitch bonding available in different loop height setting
  • LED light with flexible arm
  • Mechanical clamp type work holder
  • USB port for bond parameter saving 
  • Low cost
  •   pull_test
    Optional pull test unit can be easily attached on the bonding head, enabling wire pull testing.


    icon Specifications

    MODEL SHB-150H
    Ultrasonic generator PLL Self tuning 62.5KHz(+/-2.5KHz)
    Max Ultrasonic power 40W
    Bond time range 1 – 5000msec
    Bonding force range 100 – 1500g
    Applicable wire diameter 100 – 500um Al wire, up to 300um for Cu wire
    Bondable materials Al, Cu wire or Al ribbon (depending on material and thickness of thin metal surface on substrates)
    Bonding head movable range 50mm each in Y and Z axis
    X-Y Table movable range Within 50 square mm, manual operation.
    Power requirement 100 – 120VAC/200 – 240VAC 50/60 Hz
    Dimension W750 x D650 x H430mm
    System weight approx. 60kg


    icon Optional accessories

  • Stereo Zoom microscope
  • Custom work stage
  • Bonding tools

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