icon Servo-driven Ultrasonic Metal Welder SDB    
Innovative Servo-controlled Ultrasonic Metal Welder for quality metal welding. Ultrasonic energy can be efficiently transmitted to a work piece, resulting in short cycle time than conventional ultrasonic welder with pneumatic press. SDB provides reliable bonding in key manufacturing areas such as automotive wire harnesses, lithium ion batteries, and power electronics.
icon Large Wire Bonder SHB-150R for Manual/Semi-Automatic bonding    
SHB-150R is a manual/semiautomatic wedge bonder for large diameter aluminum or copper bonding wire and ribbon.
The compact table-top unit is ideal for laboratory, prototyping and small scale production.
icon Single solder ball placement system STM-203FB    
Table-top solder ball mounter for BGA type IC packages, is capable of placement ball diameter of 0.2mm above. Easy programmable ball matrix pattern with touch panel.
icon Precision Reballing Unit SMU-50 for BGA and CSP    
SMU-50 is a precision solder ball re-balling unit for BGA type IC packages, using metal masks for solder paste and ball placement.
icon Vacuum & Pressurized Reflow Soldering Oven VPF200/VPF300
Capable of both vacuum and pressurized process, minimize voids in solder joint. Fluxless reflow soldering with formic acid vapor or forming gas is also available. Large work area and rapid cooling system drastically reduce process cycle time in flux-less and void-free soldering.
icon Table-top Batch Reflow Oven SVO-1
High efficient Carbon Lamp Heater equipped, compact reflow oven SVO-1 is available not only for reflow soldering, but also for curing thermoset adhesive, heat treatment and drying with constant temperature etc as versatile heating oven.