Table-top Reflow Oven SVO-1 for various applications

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Board size up to 250x330mm, capable of max 400℃ heating with high efficient Carbon Lamp Heater.

This Compact IR Reflow Oven SVO-1 is a versatile heating oven capable not only of reflow soldering, but also for applications with thermoset adhesive, heat treatment and drying with a constant temperature.

Its equipped with a highly efficient Carbon Lamp Heater that provides uniform heating across a wide area. SVO-1 can also solder black resin connectors which are prone to damage from near infrared radiation emitted by an ordinary halogen lamp.


Compact batch reflow oven SVO-1
A nitrogen gas purge control unit is also available as an option.
High efficient flat carbon heater element


side view window
Observation window enable you to check the state of workpieces and soldering inside the furnace.


Camera image of BGA reflow from side view window



  • Uniform heating with carbon element long life quartz heater
  • Runs continuously at 400 degrees C
  • Compact table-top design
  • Temperature feedback control for accurate board temperature control
  • Temperature profile setting with a max of 8 steps
  • Touch screen for operation and display of temperature data in real-time
  • Inert or cooling gas inlet and outlet port for N2 purging
  • Work table that is detachable from the main body for setting the work piece
  • Maximum of 10 hours of constant temperature operation
  • Drawer with mechanical airtight seal
  • Side view window for observation of work during heating
    Temperature data output to an external measurement instrument for both work temperature and chamber temperature.



    Temp Control method P.I.D. Control
    Max profile data 10 programs
    Programmable Zone 8 zone
    Av. Ramping rate 1.7 – 2.0 degree C/sec
    Heater Carbon element quarts glass heater
    1.0kW x 5
    Dimension, Weight W590 X D610 X H411mm, 47kg
    Max work size W250 x D330mm
    Safety feature Over heat detect, Emergency stop
    Power AC230V 50/60Hz


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