Vacuum & Pressure Reflow Oven VPF200/VPF300

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VPF Vacuum & Pressure Reflow Oven is applicable to a wide range of needs from process development to high-mix low-volume production for fluxless and void-free soldering

VPF vacuum and pressure reflow oven has a practicable wide heating area together with unique rapid cooling function that expedite the cooling process, enhance your productivity even with the single process chamber.

VPF is capable of not only conventional vacuum process but also pressurized process up to 0.4 Mpa, allow you to vary the pressure inside the chamber in wide range, the voids in the solder joint can be minimized, resulting nearly void-free soldering is achieved.

VPF is also capable of flux-less soldering by reduction of oxide film with formic acid vapor. The system can be equipped with formic acid babbler with liquid temperature control which can supply Nitrogen gas mixed with formic acid at constant concentration into the process chamber. Forming gas is also available for the same purpose.

With those outstanding functions on VPF, you can build a flexible process for fluxless soldering and void-free soldering on your various applications.




Effective void-free soldering

X-ray images of solder joint between 10x10mm chip and copper substrate using SAC305 solder paste printed in 0.2mm thickness. In the reflow soldering process combined wtih vacuum and pressurizing, nearly void-free solder joint is achieved.
Normal atmospheric pressure
with vacuum
with vacuum + pressurizing


Features and Benefits

  • Wide practicable heating area
  • Rapid cooling function
  • 0.4Mpa pressurizing process available
  • Max. 450 degree C heating capability
  • Formic acid bubbler with thermal function
  • Built-in low vibration dry vacuum pump
  • Data logging PC software available
  • Multiple gas lines for various process development
  • Flexible process setting and operation with 7” touch panel
  • Linkage with formic acid monitor (option)
vpf300_plateHeating plate integrated with rapid cooling function(VPF300)


Setting and editing of temperature, pressure and gas line can be done flexibly on the touch panel.


Measurement data of temperature and pressure can be downloaded to PC


Basic Specifications

Process area 200mm x 250mm 300mm x 300mm
Max. temperature 450°C
Vacuum level 10Pa (Built-in clean dry vacuum pump)
Max. positive pressure 0.4MPa
Process gases N2 gas, He gas, forming gas, N2 mixed with formic acid
Machine size W650mm x D670mm x H1350mm W783mm x D735mm x H1470mm
Weight Approx.160kg Approx.200kg
Power AC200V Three phase, Max.25A AC200V Three phase, Max.45A  
Others Formic acid bubbler with temperature control (option)


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