Solder Ball Placement System / Ball Mounter STM-II

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Table-top Single Solder Ball Placement System model STM-II is available for prototyping, R&D, and repair(re-balling) of BGA type IC packages and substrates.


Solder ball placement can be made with unique solder ball separation unit which is simply interchangable.
The system has built-in flux Dispenser with flux temperature controller which enable to apply consistent volume of flux on each ball pads of BGA according to the placement pattern being set beforehand.
The machine operation with color wide touch screen enable to simply set various kind of BGA ball placement pattern and parameters.
  Solder ball mounter STM-II



Touch panel for operation and parameter setting
Ball separation unit
(Modified in2019)


Video  0.25mm solder ball placement, 0.25mm ball pad, 0.4mm pitch.



Ball diameter 0.2mm – 1.0mm dia.
Placement accuracy within 50 micron (2mil)
Placement speed 0.8sec – 1.2sec/sphere
Board size 60mm x 120mm standard (120 x 240mm option)
CCD Camera unit Color CCD camera for placement positioning and visual inspection
Utility 100-120/200-230VAC SP, 5A
Dimensions D705mm x W855mm x H390mm


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