Servo-controlled Ultrasonic Metel Welder SDB

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Innovative Servo-controlled Ultrasonic Metal Welder for quality metal welding

Servo-driven press system with our unique press control can promptly react to maintain a constant press force even though the material is deformed momentary during ultrasonic welding process. Thus, ultrasonic energy can be efficiently transmitted to a work piece, resulting in short cycle time than conventional ultrasonic welder with pneumatic press.


Effective for quality assurance and quality control
Since the ultrasonic energy and press force are fully digital controlled, ultrasonic energy, time, peak power, weld height and weld force are constantly measured throughout the welding process and these measurement results acquired can be effectively utilized for quality assurance and quality control.


High rigid structure for precise press force control
Combine high-rigid servo press structure with mechanism that can minimize the influence of ultrasonic vibration to the load-cell, secure precise press force control and consistent welding quality.



  • Servo-press that can minimize the loss of ultrasonic energy
  • Digital ultrasonic generator for stable weld quality and repeatability
  • Ability to cover a wide range of press control from 200N to 2000N
  • Control and detect weld position in 1μm
  • Various ultrasonic oscillation modes and process window settings
  • Either 20kHz or 35KHz ultrasonic system are available as standard

    A database of weld result with important parameters can be created for quality control.



    Provides reliable bonding in key manufacturing areas such as automotive wire harnesses, lithium ion batteries, and power electronics.


  • Automotive wire harness especially suitable for Aluminum wire and cables
  • Bonding of copper terminals on bus bars
  • Bonding of copper leads to power module substrate
  • Laminated bonding of aluminum foil and copper foil
  • yellow-cable
    Ultrasonic welding of aluminum cable on Cu terminal
    Lamination bonding of 15 μm thick aluminum foil


    Advantages of ultrasonic metal welding using servo-press control

    Ultrasonic metal bonding with innovative servo-press control offers significant advantages in repeatability and reliability over conventional pneumatically driven press system. In addition, press force and displacement of weld material can be monitored throughout the weld process, and the weld data with key parameters can be stored and utilized to optimize the process and available for quality assurance.


    It is also a great advantage to extend the life of tools such as horns and anvils. Pneumatic driven press system on the other hand accelerate wear and tear on these tools because it is not capable to react as quick as servo-driven press system during the weld process, apply excessive ultrasonic power and press force to the weld material in order to compensate lower energy transmission due to slower reaction speed.


    Since servo-press system enables welding with lower ultrasonic energy and pressure, it prevents wear and tear due to overload of ultrasonic generator and the servo-press itself. Therefore, the servo-press system enable you to reduce maintenance cost and downtime in production.



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