Table-top Batch Reflow Oven MODEL: STR-3000RC Back to Product List

Table-top Batch Reflow Oven equipped with unique temperature feedback control.

Heater temperature is automatically controlled with feedback program through thermo-couple attached on PC Board or test material.
The temperature setting feature includes individual temperature control for duration time and ramping rate setting.
Simply enable to achieve desired temperature profile without continuous trial work.

icon Feature

  1. Compact table-top design
  2. Temperature feedback control for accurate PC board temperature control
  3. Ventilation box with exhaust fan separated from heated chamber to maintain the temperature.
  4. Top grass window for reflow soldering observation.
  5. Individual 5 zone thermal profile control for both duration time and ramping rate
  6. Thermo-profile setting and operation with touch screen.
  7. Removable tray for ease of workpiece setting.

icon Capability/Function

Model STR-3000/3100RC
Temp Control method P.I.D. Control (duration zone),
P.I. Control (Ramping zone)
Max profile data 10 programs
Programmable Zone 5 zone
Av. Ramping rate 2.2 degree C/sec
Heater Fast heat quartz heater
1.5kW x 2
Dimension, Weight W470 x H314 x D545mm, 25kg
Tray max area W225 x D380mm
N2 gas application N2 gas Input/Outlet
Safety feature Automatically stop above 300 degree C with internal oven sensor,
Tray open detection
Power AC200V 50/60Hz